From citizenship                   to governance

All public funds now require some sort of public participation in the planning and  implementation of projects. Lots of requirements for planning, but no modern and satisfactory methods have come forth to be used — both to involve citizens and to effect changes.

​Public Meetings with Purpose hopes to be that new and satisfactory participation process using both in-person meetings and online surveys to arrive at quality data in statistically relevant quantities — both quality and quantity.

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Editor & Facilitator Lee Myers

Lee with his wife and family moved to Omaha in 1986 from Wyoming for a new job with Omaha Vaccine Company, a mail-order catalog, which had just been purchased by ConAgra.

From newspaper to planning

Over his working years, Lee moved from newspaper journalist, to magazine publisher, to mail order catalog, to educational software in schools, to economic development and to public transportation planning at MAPA, the Metro Area Planning Agency in Omaha and Council Bluffs.